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PICC & Port Placement


Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICCs) are used to provide intermediate and long-term intravenous access for patients.   The thinner veins in the arms may not be able to handle long-term intravenous treatment and PICCs are often used rather than traditional IVs.

Our skilled doctors placed this extremely thin catheter into the patients arm and then move it to the veins right above the heart, which are much larger and allow strong medications to be given without pain or damage to the smaller veins.  Additionally, larger PICC lines can be used to draw blood samples without the need for additional needle sticks. 

A Port is similar to other long-term IV lines, however, the entire device is buried underneath the skin.  Ports are generally used in patients who require IV access for more than 3 months.  A Port is placed directly into a central vein, usually in the neck or upper chest and the catheter proceeds to a position just above the heart.  The catheter is then tunneled under the skin and the Port is secured against the chest wall through a separate incision (usually 1 to 2 inches in length).

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