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Diagnostic Imaging

Angiography / CT Angiography / MR Angiography


Angiography is a type of X-ray performed to image blood vessels in various parts of the body, including the legs, heart, brain and kidneys.  This is performed in order to determine whether the vessels are diseased, narrowed, enlarged or blocked all together.

Angiography, CT Angiography, Ultrasound & MR Angiography

MIIGS doctors use a variety of less invasive methods, such as computed tomography (CT) angiography and magnetic resonance (MR) angiography.  In addition, catheter angiography is also performed on patients who may undergo surgery, angioplasty, or stent placement. After passing a catheter through an artery leading to the body area of interest, contrast material is injected into the arteries in order to highlight the vessels when X-rays are taken. If an area of narrowing or blockage is seen this can be treated using minimally invasive technique such as angioplasty and/or stent placement.


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